Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mini Vacation to the Oregon Coast

I was working out of Coburg, Oregon for CPC (for the second time in three weeks) when Dori let me know she could use a mini-vacation. She flew into Eugene at midnight Friday and explored around Springfield on her own as I finished up on Saturday. Sunday morning we headed straight west to Florence where we walked on the beach, then up to Newport where we had lunch at one of our all time favorite places - Gino's. After lunch we drove up to Lincoln City then through Portland to The Dalles where we stayed the night. The next day was Labor Day. I am sure Dori enjoyed my on-going critique of Western Oregon Drivers as we made our way home. One sad note: we discovered the Gino (whom we met on our first trip to Gino's) had passed away in 2007. Although the Fish and Popcorn shrimp was still delicious - it just wasn't the same.

***You can click on the slideshow to see individual pictures****

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