Wednesday, July 08, 2009

4th of July - Spring Shores (2009)

I still struggle with balancing work and play. I often work 24 hours and up to 72 hours straight through, sleep for 4-6 hours and then start again. The flip side is when I do go play, I thoroughly enjoy it. This past weekend (and week) is a fine example of what I am talking about.
Thursday I was running around town all day preparing for a video shoot on The Waterfront at Lake Harbor. We had three assignments: The Bass Junkeez, Thursdays Live for Boise Business Co-op, and we wanted to capture some footage of "Voice of Reason" Mike Durrant's Reggae Band. We were there until 8:30PM, then we rushed home to load the truck for our weekend camping adventure with Cody and Vicki Jordan up at Spring Shores for the 4th of July weekend. We arrived at the lake at 9:30PM.
Cody had already set up our tents as he had gone up 2 nights before to save our camp spot across from the marina. After toting our gear across the lake in the boat we quickly got set up and began to .....relax. It usually takes me about an hour to unwind and switch gears.
After playing for a while and telling stories around the campfire, Dori and I decided to take our air mattress and sleep out on the dock. I love doing this as I always sleep like a baby. Of course, I sleep like a baby anywhere. We played hard all day Friday and Saturday, then Dori, Chance, Trey (Chance's buddy) and I came home Saturday evening so Chance could do the fireworks he had saved up and purchased with his own funds. Luc stayed up at the lake with the Jordan's as they had brought a bevy of girls with them. Dori and I laid on the couch and watched movies.
The next morning we scooted back up to the lake to play a bit more and to help Cody and Vic, Diego, and Steve and Arrianna pack and get back across to the marina. It was non-stop going a hundred miles an hour from Thursday thru Sunday; but it was worth every minute.
The high light for me was getting my Mom and Dad to come out on a wave runner for the first time ever!
Please enjoy the slide show above. If you click on one of the slides you can download or print an individual picture.
I am enjoying a great life with a wonderful family and incredible friends.